Amru Rice and SNV partnership hits its initial targets

The collaboration between Amru Rice and development organization SNV has borne fruit, with more than 2,000 tonnes of rice purchased from smallholder farmers stored in warehouses. With an initial investment capital of $700,000, the partnership implements a Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) to help more than 1,500 small-scale farmers, mainly in Kampong Thom and Preah Vihear provinces, find a market for their agricultural goods. Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice, said so far the project has hit all its targets, and it is playing a big role in improving the livelihoods of small farmers. He added that in the programme’s second phase they will focus on storing cashew nuts and cassava instead, aiming for a total 3,000 tonnes of agricultural products stored in their warehouses. (Source: Khmer Times)

Coporate News

25th January 2018


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