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PPAP's 1Q17 review: earnings fall 8.3% YoY on rising depreciation expense

In 1Q17, container throughputs was the highest PPAP has ever handled during the first quarter of year, surging 22.3% YoY to 39,510 TEUs, resulting in a 12.8% YoY increase in container cargo volume to 308,153 tonnes...

08th June 2017

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PPAP's 4Q16 Review: Net profit surges 74.8% YoY in 4Q16; 28.4% YoY in 2016

Container throughput handled by PPAP in 4Q16 came to 36,884 TEUs, up 5.0% compared to the same period in 2015. While container throughput for imports rose slightly by 1.8% YoY, container throughput for exports saw a solid increase of 8.6% YoY, thanks particularly to...

01st March 2017

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PPWSA's 4Q16 review: earnings jump on soaring net finance income

Total number of subscriptions increased by 5,820 during 4Q16, of which 5,415 were household clients, 392 commercial & industrial clients, and 20 houses “for rent to garment workers”. The increase in total subscriptions was quite stable,

20th February 2017

Equity Report

PPWSA's 3Q16 review: earnings decline as net finance cost soars

• With subscriptions continuing to increase steadily, total revenue (excluding finance income) in 3Q16 reached a record-high of KHR54.0bn (+10.5% YoY), posting double-digit growth for the first time in three quarters (+7.9% YoY in 1Q16 and +2.6% YoY in 2Q16). Strong revenue growth in the third quarter was driven by...

15th December 2016

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PPAP's 3Q16 Review: Net profit surges 20.8% YoY

Container throughputs in 3Q16 increased 12.1% YoY to a record-high of 48,837 TEUs. The double-digit growth, which came for the first time in three quarters (7.2% YoY in 2Q16, -6.8% YoY in 1Q16), was mainly driven by a strong increase...

14th December 2016