CSX index posts monthly gain of 22%

Today, the CSX index fell for a third trading day straight, down 7.52% to 586.9 pts. GTI and PAS shares plunged 10% to KHR5,580 and KHR11,700, respectively. PPWSA shares posted a daily loss of 5.00%, ending at KHR5,700, while PPSP shares dropped 3.13% to KHR3,090. PPAP shares fell for a fourth trading straight, down another 2.78% to KHR10,500. Despite the daily loss today, all stocks finished the month higher. PPAP shares saw the biggest monthly gain of 36.72%, followed by PPWSA's 35.71%, GTI's 29.17%, PAS's 15.84%, and PPSP's 6.55%. As the result, CSX index gained 22% over last month's close. January saw over 643,000 shares changed hand, the seventh largest monthly trading volume since the opening of the exchange in 2012. (Source: YSC Research)

Market Update

31st January 2019


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