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GRAB poised to launch operation in Cambodia

Southeast Asia’s largest ride-hailing platform GRAB is poised to launch operations in Cambodia, where the company could face stiff competition from international giant Uber and several other local platforms. The Singapore-based technology firm held a recruitment event for prospective drivers in Phnom Penh yesterday, and has recently updated its smartphone application to include hundreds of named locations across the Cambodian capital. However, according to the company spokesperson, GRAB’s ride-hailing platform is not yet available for use in Cambodia. GRAB will face an increasingly competitive market in Cambodia, competing not only against heavyweight rival Uber, which began trials of its service in Phnom Penh three months ago, but also local platforms such as Exnet Taxi Cambodia, iTsumo, and PassApp that have crowded the Cambodian market with cheap transportation options. (Source: Phnom Penh Post)

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27th September 2017


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