KrisEnergy getting closer to extract first drop of oil in Cambodia

KrisEnergy Ltd, an independent oil and gas company, announced that construction of the minimum facilities wellhead platform for the Apsara oil development offshore Cambodia Block A is completed and the topsides and jacket are being transported to Cambodian waters in the Gulf of Thailand for installation. This means that the company may see its first oil by the end of the year with the 1st phase expected to produce a maximum of 7,500 barrels of oil a day. The Apsara field in Cambodia Block A lies over the Khmer Basin, an unproduced geological basin in Cambodian maritime waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Because of the unproven production performance of the basin, development of the Apsara area will be in several phases to mitigate risk and provide time for the collection and analysis of critical data to be applied in future phases. The Mini Phase 1A development comprises the mini-platform and five initial development wells connected to the Ingenium II production barge for oil, gas and water processing. The Mini Phase 1A Apsara development is expected to reach a peak rate of 7,500 barrels of oil per day. (Source: Khmer times)

Coporate News

27th August 2020


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