Govt and private sector to discuss home solar system

The Ministry of Mines and Energy and several local solar companies will meet today for a consultative workshop on guidelines for solar home systems (SHS). The workshop aims to gather market data, analyse examples of good practice in the industry and discuss the challenges experienced by stakeholders. The event is organised by the
United Nation Development Program (UNDP) and will be attended by, among other companies, Lighting Engineering Solution, Entrepreneurs du Monde in Cambodia, BNP-Power Green Cambodia, and Kamworks. They will share their experiences and views on the solar market in the country. Sokun Sum, CEO of Lighting Engineering Solution, said that demand for rooftop photovoltaic panels in the country is growing as many local companies, factories, and households are installing PV systems to reduce electricity bills. The government aims to have 15 percent of the energy produced in the Kingdom come from solar panels by the end of next year. A host of solar energy projects have been approved since earlier this year the country was hit by power shortages. Some of these recentlyapproved projects will come online in the next few months. (Source: Khmer Times)

Economy & Industry

26th November 2019


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