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CIMIA launches insurance quote platform

Cambodian Investment Management Insurance Agent (CIMIA), a subsidiary of Cambodian Investment Management, plans to launch today an insurance quote system allowing users and potential clients to get immediate access to details on an array of insurance products...

06th November 2017

Economy & Industry

CBC to issue commercial credit reporting

The Credit Bureau of Cambodia (CBC) is developing commercial credit reporting to allow its members to access the credit history of commercial enterprises...

01st November 2017

Market Update

Monthly Stock Market Update

Shares in Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) finished at KHR3,880, down 0.26% from last month's close. Only 15,265 shares changed hands during October...

31st October 2017

Economy & Industry

Garment export growth to slow to 5% in 2017

Cambodia’s garment and footwear exports will likely see a growth at around 5% this year, compared with 7% in 2017, a trend that industry insiders said due to a natural slowdown rather than an indicative of an overall decline or the current political situation...

26th October 2017

Economy & Industry

Cross-border settlements in Yuan expected to increase

Cross-border settlements in Yuan are expected to increase as Cambodia continues to deepen its economic dependency on China, a central bank official said yesterday...

25th October 2017

Economy & Industry

NBC launches test of mechanism to link major banks

The National Bank of Cambodia officially launched last Friday a test of its central shared switch (CSS) mechanism, which connects account records of three of the Kingdom’s leading financial institutions, allowing them to operate ATM and point-of-sale (POS) terminals in tandem...

24th October 2017

Coporate News

S. Korea’s Daegu Bank acquire Cam Capital for $63mn

Daegu bank has acquired 100% stake in Cam Capital Specialized Bank for $63mn, Korean media reported yesterday. The South Korean bank’s acquisition of Cambodia’s second largest specialized bank in terms of assets marked its third oversea investment after expanding into China and Vietnam...

20th October 2017

Economy & Industry

Interest rates on loan in riel fall

Interest rates on microfinance loans issued in Khmer riel fell to the same level as those given in US dollar due to recent measures taken by the central banks to promote the local currency and the 18% interest rate cap imposed by the regulator in April this year, according to industry insiders...

19th October 2017

Economy & Industry

SECC to publish bond market guide

The Securities Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) announced yesterday that it will publish a new updated Cambodia bond market guide by the end of the year, hoping to raise public awareness for the new financial product that received a formal regulatory framework in August...

17th October 2017

Economy & Industry

New decree sets transfer pricing rules for multinational firms

The new prakas (decree) released late on Wednesday night sets out new requirements for multinational companies to declare profits, costs and transactions involving overseas parent companies and their wholly-owned subsidiaries, aiming to prevent transfer mispricing that can manipulate market prices and rob the state coffers of due tax revenue...

13th October 2017