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Economy & Industry

Lower Sesan II Dam to open ahead of schedule

The Lower Sesan II Dam hydropower plant will start generating 50MW of power by October this year, four months ahead of schedule, according to a senior government official...

11th July 2017

Coporate News

PPSP diversifies its business activities

Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone Plc (PPSP) has taken stake in two new companies as a way of its business diversification, according to a filing on the CSX...

10th July 2017

Economy & Industry

VAT decree frozen after mutiny

Just one day after the Kingdom’s micro-lenders mutinied and said they would not implement a government directive requiring them to implement a 10% value-added tax (VAT) on fees for financial services, the General Department of Taxation (GDT) announced it would back down and temporarily suspend the controversial decree...

07th July 2017

Economy & Industry

EDC announces price cut for large enterprises

Electricite Du Cambodge (EDC) has announced a price cut for large enterprises with capacities exceeding one megawatt. The cost will go from $0.165 per kWh to $0.14...

06th July 2017

Economy & Industry

Angkor Wat ticket sales surge 68% YoY in 1H17

Ticket sales for Angkor Wat Archaeological Park came to $52.2mn in 1H17, up 68% from $31mn in 1H16, on the back of a sharp increase in tourist entry fees and a rise in number of visitors, according to data release by Angkor Enterprise, the agency that manages ticketing for the historic temple complex near Siem Reap...

05th July 2017

Coporate News

Havas Riverorchid targets Cambodian digital advertising market

Havas Riverorchid, a leading advertising agency in Indochina, has officially launched its digital and social media brand called Socialyse to tap into Cambodian digital advertising market...

03rd July 2017

Market Update

Monthly Market Summary

Shares in Grand Twins International (GTI) end the week at KHR3,610, posting a monthly loss of 9.75%. Only 910 shares were traded during June.

30th June 2017

Economy & Industry

Five new bus routes expected to be added in early July

City Hall expects to add five additional bus routes in Phnom Penh in early July, following the arrival of 100 buses donated from China, according its spokesman Met Measpheakdey...

29th June 2017

Economy & Industry

Visa prepares to launch QR code payment platform in Cambodia

Global payments giant Visa is preparing to launch in Cambodia and 10 other countries worldwide the mVisa, a QR code payment platform that would allow consumers to use their mobile phone to make cashless purchase at merchant outlets, according to the company’s spokeswoman...

28th June 2017

Economy & Industry

SECC to discuss proposal to allow market orders on CSX

The Securities Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) will meet soon to discuss a proposal to permit market orders for stock trading on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), in a move that would give investors more flexibility when buying or selling shares, an official said...

27th June 2017