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Cambodia urged to adopt innovative economic strategies

A report, published earlier this week by Germany’s Deutsche Bank, urges Cambodia to ditch its antiquated growth model and adopt more innovative economic strategies that better respond to rapid changes in the global economy...

09th June 2017

Coporate News

Sihanoukville port gets listed on CSX today

Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS) listed on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) today after it managed to raise about $27mn through the biggest initial public offering (IPO) the exchange has ever seen...

08th June 2017

Economy & Industry

VAT on banking services described as inefficient

The new prakas (regulation) that identifies five financial activities eligible for an exemption from the 10% value-added tax (VAT) potentially exposes other banking services, which were previously understood to be under the blanket definition of nontaxable supplies, to VAT...

07th June 2017

Economy & Industry

Construction of Thai Boon Roong’s Twin Trade Center set for August

The construction of Thai Boon Roong’s Twin Trade Center is set to kick off in August after the initial plan for mid-2017, said Tous Sophoeun, deputy secretary general of Board of Architects Cambodia (BAC) and one of the architects working on the twin towers’ design...

06th June 2017

Economy & Industry

Business outlook still positive despite commune election

Cambodia’s business environment retained a positive outlook during the commune elections held yesterday, with members of Cambodia’s business community expecting the Kingdom’s economy to benefit from continued political stability...

05th June 2017

Coporate News

Sihanoukville port raises $27mn from IPO

Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS), Cambodia largest seaport operator, has successfully raised nearly $27mn through its initial public offering (IPO), the IPO underwriter said yesterday...

02nd June 2017

Coporate News

Lotteria opens fifth local branch

South Korean food chain Lotteria, operated locally by Yinkok Food Corp, has expanded in Phnom Penh with its fifth branch opening in Dem Tkov market, according to a local media report yesterday...

31st May 2017

Coporate News

Sihanoukville port’s listing delayed until Jun 8

The listing date for Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS) has been postponed until after commune elections to ensure attendance by senior state officials and distinguished guests, a Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) representative said yesterday...

30th May 2017

Coporate News

Acleda issues new ATM cards

Acleda Bank spent about $1mn to produce 800,000 new ATM cards with EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) chips to enable them to be used globally and also to mitigate the risk of fraud, the bank’s president and group managing director In Channy said last Friday...

29th May 2017

Economy & Industry

MOC unveils portal for trademark registration

The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) unveiled an online registration system yesterday, allowing local and foreign individuals and firms to register their trademarks in Cambodia to protect them against infringement...

26th May 2017