Coporate News

Havas Riverorchid targets Cambodian digital advertising market

Havas Riverorchid, a leading advertising agency in Indochina, has officially launched its digital and social media brand called Socialyse to tap into Cambodian digital advertising market...

03rd July 2017

Market Update

Monthly Market Summary

Shares in Grand Twins International (GTI) end the week at KHR3,610, posting a monthly loss of 9.75%. Only 910 shares were traded during June.

30th June 2017

Economy & Industry

Five new bus routes expected to be added in early July

City Hall expects to add five additional bus routes in Phnom Penh in early July, following the arrival of 100 buses donated from China, according its spokesman Met Measpheakdey...

29th June 2017

Economy & Industry

Visa prepares to launch QR code payment platform in Cambodia

Global payments giant Visa is preparing to launch in Cambodia and 10 other countries worldwide the mVisa, a QR code payment platform that would allow consumers to use their mobile phone to make cashless purchase at merchant outlets, according to the company’s spokeswoman...

28th June 2017

Economy & Industry

SECC to discuss proposal to allow market orders on CSX

The Securities Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) will meet soon to discuss a proposal to permit market orders for stock trading on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), in a move that would give investors more flexibility when buying or selling shares, an official said...

27th June 2017

Economy & Industry

Financial sector calls for government to abolish 10% VAT on banking services

Banking and financial industry insiders have called on the government to abolish the 10% value added tax (VAT) on banking services, saying the tax will increase the burden on service users...

26th June 2017

Economy & Industry

Legal framework needed for movable assets to be used as collateral

For movable assets to be used as collateral so that more Cambodian borrowers can have access to credit, a legal framework that would restrict changes in ownership and allow creditors to repossess collateral is needed, industry insiders say....

23rd June 2017

Economy & Industry

NBC issues new prakas to protect online payment

The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) issued a new prakas (order) yesterday that instructs all payment service providers (PSPs) in the Kingdom to apply for an operating license, aiming to protect online customers against the risk of fraud...

22nd June 2017

Economy & Industry

Commuter train hopes for route expansion to PPSEZ

A commuter rail service that runs from Phnom Penh’s central district to beyond its airport has slowly gained traction since it launched three months ago, raising the possibility that it could be expanded to connect to the capital’s biggest industrial park...

21st June 2017

Economy & Industry

Government to tighten control over pawnshops

The government has vowed to tighten control over the Kingdom’s pawnshops to ensure professionalism in the sector, which has grown rapidly and lacks a supervisory framework...

20th June 2017