Economy & Industry

Govt begins preliminary negation with private firm for Block D exploration

The government is now in the preliminary negotiation stage with Cambodian Resource Energy Development Co Ltd for an exploration of Block D in the Gulf of Thailand...

09th March 2018

Economy & Industry

Govt officials deny rumors of national cryptocurrency

Government officials have denied rumors that Cambodia would be issuing its own national cryptocurrency...

07th March 2018

Economy & Industry

Cambodia imports soybeans from US for first time

Cambodia imported food-grade soybeans from the US for the first time last week, according to the US media reports...

06th March 2018

Economy & Industry

CSX launches app and website to offer information about on stocks

The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) yesterday officially launched a website and an app for Android users...

05th March 2018

Economy & Industry

Rail line to Phnom Penh Int’l Airport to open on April 10

The new rail line between Phnom Penh International Airport and the railway station on Monivong Boulevard is scheduled to open...

02nd March 2018

Economy & Industry

CDC approves four new factories to be built in Sihanoukville

The Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) has approved four new projects, worth a combined $50mn, for Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone...

01st March 2018

Economy & Industry

Cambodia on course to achieve 7 million tourists by 2020

Cambodia is expected to welcome 6.1 million international visitors in 2018 and is well on course to achieve the government’s goal of having 7 million tourists a year...

28th February 2018

Economy & Industry

Price of Cambodian rice increasing

The price of Cambodian rice abroad has been on the rise since the beginning of February due to lower supply and higher demand from China and the European Union...

27th February 2018

Coporate News

Thai coffee chain Inthanin to enter Cambodia next month

Cambodia-based RCG Retail is partnering with the Thai-based coffee chain, Inthanin, announced plans to open its first store in Phnom Penh next month, its second store...

26th February 2018

Economy & Industry

Cambodia-Thailand bilateral trade increased 10 percent

Cambodia-Thailand bilateral trade jumped 10 percent from 2016 to $6 billion in 2017, according to announcement by Suwanna-arj, minister counsellor at the Office...

22nd February 2018